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Diablo 4 Season 5 Necromancer Leveling Build - Best Necro Build in D4 S5

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7/10/2024 5:08:51 PM

The tier list of different classes in Diablo IV would change because of the changes in the new season, which one climbs up with more benefits or buffs? With high sustained damage over time and excellent survivability, this Necromancer Leveling build is highly recommended for Diablo 4 Season 5, gear (unique items & legendary aspects), skill tree, leveling path, paragon, build pros/cons, Book of the Dead and more details covered in the article.


Diablo 4 Season 4 Necromancer Leveling Build - Best D4 S5 Necromancer Build Guide

This Sever Necromancer build benefits greatly from the new buffs to the Sever skill in Diablo IV Season 5, you can gain good damage and tankiness from the gear. Crown of Evolution brings significant bonuses to your damage output. This build has a better single target than Corpse Explosion and more defenses than Grim Scythe. It may not have the outright highest damage ceiling, but also performs competitively and brings much stronger survivability than lots of top damage options.

1. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Build Pros & Cons


- Very high damage output from Sever and Corpse skills

- Excellent durability from survivability skills and Bone Armor uptime

- Simpler playstyle than other high-damage Necro builds

- Good at surviving big elite packs and boss mechanics

- Bone Storm uptime improves mobility and mitigation


- Reliant on specific items like Ring of Starless Skies

- Essence management can be an issue without the right gear

- Fewer layers of defenses than other tankier Necro builds

- Mobility relies on Flickerstep with a cooldown


2. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Gear (Uniques & Aspects)

- Helm: Crown of Lucion

- Chest Armor: Aspect of Shielding Storm

- Gloves: Blighted Aspect

- Pants: Aspect of Hardened Bones

- Boots: Flickerstep

- Weapons: Aspect of the Damned

- Ring 1: Ring of Starless Skies

- Ring 2: Sacrificial Aspect

- Amulet: Aspect of Grasping Veins


3. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Gems

- Weapon: Emerald (+25% Critical Strike Damage)

- Armor: Ruby (+9% Maximum Life)

- Jewelry: Skull (525 Armor)


4. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Skill Tree

- Basic: Reap

- Core: Sever, Imperfectly Balanced, Hewed Flesh, Unliving Energy

- Corpse & Macabre: Blood Mist, Corpse Explosion, Corpse Tendrils, Grim Harvest, Fueled by Death

- Curse: Decrepify, Death's Approach, Amplify Damage, Death's Embrace, Necrotic Carapace, Reaper’s Pursuit, Gloom, Terror

- Ultimate: Bone Storm, Stand Alone, Memento Mori


5. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Leveling Path

3Enhanced Reap
10Enhanced Sever
11Paranormal Sever
12Unliving Energy
13Imperfectly Balanced
14Imperfectly Balanced
15Imperfectly Balanced
16Blood Mist
17Enhanced Blood Mist
18Ghastly Blood Mist
19Corpse Explosion
20Enhanced Corpse Explosion
21Blighted Corpse Explosion
22Grim Harvest
23Fueled by Death
24Fueled by Death
25Fueled by Death
26Death's Embrace
27Death's Embrace
28Death's Embrace
29Amplify Damage
30Amplify Damage
31Amplify Damage
33Enhanced Decrepify
34Abhorrent Decrepify
35Death's Approach
36Death's Approach
37Corpse Tendrils
38Reaper's Pursuit
45Necrotic Carapace
46Necrotic Carapace
47Necrotic Carapace
48Stand Alone
49Stand Alone
50Stand Alone
51Memento Mori
52Memento Mori
53Memento Mori
54Bone Storm
55Prime Bone Storm
56Supreme Bone Storm
58Hewed Flesh
59Hewed Flesh

6. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Book of the Dead

- Skeletal Warriors Reapers: increase the target number of corpse tendrils by generating corpses, thus improving the overall damage output. They can generate corpses with a reduced cooldown during combat, making them more efficient in battles. Their first upgrade allows them to have a 15% chance to generate a corpse on the attack, further enhancing their corpse-generation ability.

- Skeletal Mages Cold: gain 3 essences each time they use an attack, which is very beneficial for essence management. The cold effect can last eight seconds, causing enemies to be continuously slowed. Their frost magic not only deals extra cold damage but also keeps enemies continuously affected by the cold effect.

- Skeletal Golems Iron: taunt enemies when using strike attacks, increasing control and survivability.  Their second upgrade can work in synergy with the Blood Surge skill, providing an area vulnerability debuff and area burst damage. They can also trigger Tyrant's Wrath effect when at full health.


7. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Paragon Board

- Starter/Gravekeeper

- Bone Graft/Essence

- Wither/Abyssal

- Flesh-eater/Sacrificial

- Scent of Death/Amplify

- Bloodbath/Exploit

- Cult Leader/Scourge

- Hulking Monstrosity/Control


8. D4 Season 5 Necromancer Build Tips & Strategy

- Continuously cast Corpse Explosion on cooldown to maintain buffs from Fueled By Death and Flesh Eater.

- Use Corpse Tendrils to group enemies together. This sets them up for AoE damage and activates your damage-taken buffs.

- Immediately after grouping enemies with Corpse Tendrils, use Flickerstep to dash through the pack. This provides damage, restores Bone Storm faster, and controls positioning.

- Keep 100% uptime on Bone Storm buff by timing Flickerstep dashes against enemies.

- If you don't have Ring of Starless Skies yet, swap it for Aspect of the Long Shadow ring temporarily.

- Focus on dashing through dense packs and boss fights when possible for maximum Bone Storm restoration.

- Be active about recasting Corpse Explosion as much as its cooldown allows to maintain buffs.

- Position yourself in melee range after using Corpse Tendrils to dash through enemies with Flickerstep.