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Diablo 4 Uber Unique Drop Rate & Best Way to Farm Uber Uniques (Season 4)

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7/3/2024 2:33:53 PM

Uber Uniques are powerful and rare items in Diablo IV, greatly enhancing the offensive and defensive abilities of your characters and contributing a lot to the best builds. If you spend much time but gain very little, here we are going to cover the D4 Season 4 Uber Unique drop rate and the best methods to farm them.  

Diablo 4 Season 4 Uber Unique Drop Rate & Best Farms

Diablo 4 Season 4 Uber Unique List

‍Tyrael's Might is a new Uber Unique item added in Diablo IV Season 4, it is a chest armor that offers significant boosts to your defensive capabilities. In the upcoming Season 5, Uber Uniques will have a brand new purple color and known as Mythic Uniques. 

  • Andariel's Visage

  • Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander

  • ‍Doombringer

  • Harlequin Crest

  • ‍Melted Heart of Selig

  • ‍Ring of Starless Skies

  • ‍The Grandfather

  • ‍Tyrael's Might

Uber Unique Masterworking & Tempering

What to note in S4 is the Uber Uniques can’t be tempered in the game, while they can be masterworked at the Blacksmith to improve their strength. 

Best Tyrael's Might Build

The defensive stats Tyrael's Might provides seem to really shine on a tank build. Getting extra resistances can free up valuable Paragon points, and increasing the resistance cap to 85% is no joke - that translates to fantastic damage reduction. It's clear from staying alive through massive hits that this chest piece helps with survivability immensely. The added critical hits and the chance for lucky hits from artillery also have nice synergy with builds that can leverage those, like curses on Necro. Keeping full health to get the damage bonus isn't too difficult with skills that provide constant healing or a strong barrier. 

Diablo 4 Uber Unique Drop Rate (Season 4 Update)

In Season 4, Andariel is a newly added boss and allows players to farm various items from it, this boss shares the same drop rate of Uber Uniques as Duriel, which means they both have the highest drop chance of the following items. The drop rate of tormented Duriel and Andariel is obtained through calculation. 

Uber UniqueWorld BossDuriel/AndarielTormented Duriel/Andariel
Andariel's Visage1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
Ahavarion, Spear of Lycander1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
Doombringer1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
Harlequin Crest1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
Melted Heart of Selig1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
Ring of Starless Skies1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
The Grandfather1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%
Tyrael's Might1 in 1,000,0002.0%9.6%

Is the Uber/Unique drop rate higher in Season 4? What changes is that you can get uniques in the early game now, which means World Tier 3 unique items are now available in World Tier 1 and 2, but the drop rate of Uber Uniques and Uniques did not increase. Uber and tormented bosses have the same Uber drop rate. The only difference is that tormented drops have 5 more chances for Uber unique, but you require more materials to summon them. Higher returns require higher investments. 

Fastest and Best Ways to Farm Uber Uniques in D4 Season 4

1. Resplendent Sparks 

One of the best ways to get Uber Uniques is crafting with Resplendent Sparks, but you can’t control which specific item you get. To craft an Uber Unique, you need 4 sparks, how to get as many sparks as possible in the game? The easiest way to get Resplendent Sparks is to complete Iron Wolves, once you reach Rank 18, you can earn the Highest Honors of the Iron Wolves reward, which includes a Resplendent Spark. You can get sparks with every single character and repeat the process to maximize the gain because there is no cap now. Defeating Uber Lilith and any of the Tormented Bosses will also reward you with a Resplendent Spark, which is only available for the first kill each season. 

2. Tormented Bosses

There are tormented versions of bosses, which are much harder to defeat than regular bosses and can drop Uber Uniques and Uniques. Tormented Duriel and Andariel share the same loot, but each other tormented boss has their own loot rewards. What makes this way better is that defeating a tormented boss rewards with five times the material, technically, the drop rate is about 9.6%, but you need to summon it with three times the amount of materials and Stygian Stones. You can trade materials with other players to get the materials you need to summon a tormented boss. It's not recommended to farm bosses in World Tier 3, as the rewards are not as good as those from higher tiers. 

What is the best tormented boss to farm Uber Unique? Duriel is considered the easiest tormented boss as it does not have a mechanic that can instantly kill you if you don’t execute it correctly. Duriel is an Uber Boss that players can summon at World Tier 4. Summoning Duriel requires specific materials, including 2 x Stygian Stones, 6 x Mucus-Slick Egg, and 6 x Shard of Agony, which can be obtained by defeating specific enemies. These Diablo 4 boss summon items are for sale at GAMEBUYGOLD now at the most favorable prices, the biggest discount is available for buying Stygian Stones in minutes, you can spend the least money to raise your chance of obtaining the most valuable items in the game. 

3. Join a Group

Joining a group can make it much easier to get Uber Uniques, as you can benefit from the strength of other players, if you do not have enough friends that often play the game, try to find a group through a Discord server or a forum online. You can find streamers who are looking for someone to run the tormented bosses. 

Tips to Farm Uber Uniques in D4

- Attempt to reach the maximum level to farm Uber Uniques from tormented bosses. 

- You should have all your glyphs maxed out to increase the drop chance. 

- Optimize your build with useful gear to take on the challenging boss. 

- Farming with a party can be more efficient than farming solo.