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Elden Ring DLC Best Builds & Weapons for Consort Radahn Final Boss in SotF

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7/9/2024 11:54:48 AM

How to cheese Promised Consort RADAHN easily after Patch 1.12.3 of Elden Ring? Set up these new Top 5 most powerful builds (weapon combos) against the hardest final boss with few hits in Elden Ring DLC!


Elden Ring DLC Top 5 Best Radahn Builds

Radahn is known to be the hardest boss in Elden Ring DLC now, requiring players to master the mechanics and strategies. The boss rushes in immediately upon entering the arena and has attacks that can quickly kill players. To easily defeat Radahn in the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, a build that emphasizes high survivability and sustained damage is highly effective. So here we will rank and explore the top 5 best weapon combos for trouncing Radahn and any other bosses!

1. Impenetrable Thorns Maternal Staff Build

The Impenetrable Thorns Maternal Staff Build leverages high damage sorcery that can bleed and deal massive stance damage. Radahn's quick and aggressive move set can be countered effectively with the high bleed buildup and magic damage, making it ideal for a fast-paced fight.

How to Setup the Build

  1. Weapon: Maternal Staff

  2. Spell: Impenetrable Thorns

  3. Armor: White Mask, Rasha set

  4. Talismans: Lord of Blood's Exultation, Graven Mass, Graven School, Magic Scorpion Charm

  5. Consumables: Sacred Bloody Flesh for buffs

  6. Stats: High Intelligence and Arcane, with a minimum of 24 Faith


  1. Buffs: Use Golden Vow, Sacred Bloody Flesh, and Seppuku to increase damage.

  2. Combat: Keep mid-range from Radahn and cast Impenetrable Thorns to deal consistent bleed and stance damage.

  3. Survivability: Utilize Scholar Shield and a good physical-negating shield to block attacks when necessary.

2. Blood Black Steel Twinblade Build

The Black Steel Twinblade with bleed scaling and the endure Ash of War allows you to face tank Radahn while dealing consistent damage. The ability to sustain through attacks while building bleed makes it highly effective in prolonged engagements.

How to Setup the Build

  1. Weapon: Black Steel Twinblade with Endure Ash of War

  2. Armor: Beast Champion Armor or Black Steel Armor

  3. Talismans: Dragon Crest Greatshield, Twinblade Talisman, Lord of Blood's Exultation

  4. Stats: High Dexterity and Arcane for bleed buildup


  1. Buffs: Use Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength for enhanced damage and survivability.

  2. Combat: Use Endure to boost poise and tank through Radahn's attacks while landing consistent hits.

  3. Survivability: Rely on the Twinblade Talisman and Millenia's Great Rune to recover HP.

3. Bloodfiend's Blood Arm Build

This build relies on the Bloodfiend's Arm, which has high bleed buildup and hyper armor through Lion's Claw Ash of War. The setup allows for significant bleed damage output while maintaining defensive capabilities.

How to Setup the Build

  1. Weapon: Bloodfiend's Arm with Lion's Claw Ash of War

  2. Armor: Heavy and tanky armor such as Vertigo's Armor

  3. Talismans: White Mask, Lord of Blood's Exultation, Shard of Alexander, Dragon Crest Greatshield

  4. Stats: High Arcane and Strength


  1. Buffs: Scholar Shield for enhanced guarding, Sacred Bloody Flesh for increased bleed buildup.

  2. Combat: Stay close to Radahn, utilize Lion's Claw to deal heavy bleed damage while maintaining hyper armor.

  3. Survivability: Use Scholar Shield and heavy armor to mitigate damage while focusing on bleed procs.

4. Blood Sword Lance Bleed Build

The Sword Lance with blood scaling and Blood Tax Ash of War provides long reach and rapid attacks that build up bleed quickly. This build is perfect for maintaining pressure on Radahn while healing through attacks.

How to Setup the Build

  1. Weapon: Sword Lance with Blood Tax Ash of War

  2. Armor: White Mask, Racha's Armor

  3. Talismans: Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Lord of Blood's Exultation, Dragon Crest Greatshield

  4. Stats: High Arcane and Dexterity


  1. Buffs: Use Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength for increased damage.

  2. Combat: Maintain mid-range, use Blood Tax for rapid thrusts and bleed procs.

  3. Survivability: Use the healing from Blood Tax to sustain through Radahn’s attacks.

5. Bloody Helice Build

The Bloody Helice build is a straightforward tanky build that utilizes bleed to chip away at Radahn's health while maintaining high defense. The Bloody Helice Build in Elden Ring is an incredibly effective strategy for defeating every boss in both the base game and the DLC, thanks to its combination of high bleed damage and robust defense.

How to Setup the Build

  1. Weapon: Bloody Helice +10

  2. Shield: Fingerprint Stone Shield

  3. Armor: Radan's Armor

  4. Talismans: Erdtree Favor +2, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Lord of Blood's Exultation

  5. Stats: High Vigor and Endurance, sufficient Dexterity


  1. Buffs: Use Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength for damage and defense.

  2. Combat: Use the Bloody Helice’s poke attacks to build up bleed while maintaining a defensive stance.

  3. Survivability: Rely on the high stability of the Fingerprint Stone Shield to block Radahn’s attacks and counter.

With these builds, you should find yourself well-equipped to take on Radahn’s formidable challenges in Elden Ring. Use the strategies and setups provided to optimize your gameplay and conquer this tough boss.