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Diablo 4 Season 5 Tier List - Best Class & Build Ranked in D4 S5 (1.5.0)

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7/4/2024 12:17:59 PM

Season 5 (1.5.0 Patch) of Diablo 4 brings a whirlwind of changes to the classes, shaking up the meta in ways both exciting and challenging. With these dramatic shifts, you may wonder: How will your class and build compare with others in Season 5? By testing each class in the PTR, here is our updated Diablo 4 Season 5 Tier List will guide you through the best class with meta builds to dominate the new challenges in the Season of the Infernal Hordes!


Diablo 4 Season 5 Tier List - Best Class & Build Ranked in D4 S5

Season 5 for Diablo 4 has introduced several notable updates, including bugged interactions and new items that have drastically shifted the power dynamics between classes. Sorcerers, for instance, currently dominate due to a bug involving the Crown of Lucion and Axial Conduit, while Druids exploit an infinite poison build-up with Poison Creeper. Rogues, Barbarians, and Necromancers also see various degrees of buffs and new build potentials. However, with these bugs likely to be fixed before the official release, we've compiled an early Diablo 4 Season 5 tier list to help you understand the current and anticipated standings of each class and their most effective builds. Read on to discover the definitive rankings and prepare your strategies for Season 5!

Diablo 4 Season 5 Best Class Tier List

Even with bugs considered, all classes have seen improvements or interesting new builds in the PTR for Season 5. While the rankings may shift as bugs are fixed and balance adjustments are made, here's the rundown without considering bugs:

1. Barbarian (S Tier)

Barbarian is still probably the "number 1" best class in Diablo 4 Season 5. This means if they fix up the problems that are on the PTR that will probably be the case when it goes live. The reason for this is four weapons slots are nuts and that's even more of a thing with tempering being a mechanic now in the modern version of the game. If they add new strong Diablo 4 Items for Season 5, Barbarian has the most slots to use legendaries and is unique because they have the most equipment slots to begin with.

Best Barbrain Builds in Season 5

Flay Bleed Barbarian: Flay Bleed Barbarian is stronger as one of the best Pit scaling Barb builds. Flay which was sort of the minmax best D4 Season 5 endgame build for Barbarian already with perfect gear is doing better than it was in Season 4. It deals incredible amounts of damage through its focus on applying Bleeding effects with skills like Flay and Rupture, and then detonating that Bleeding damage with massive hits from Seismic Slam.

Whirlwind Barbarian: Whirlwind is still the best average player doing normal content style type of build. It is way better than was on the live servers because they've added new ways of buffing it. A new aspect for Barbarian stays winning. Even in Whirlwind where none of the bugs were fixed for the other classes, Barbarians don't complain about the power level of their own class anytime soon, because Barbs are adding so many new legendaries and uniques to the game.

2. Rogue (A Tier)

Rogue's current bug involves the Exploit Weakness Paragon node, which should execute non-elite enemies at 50 stacks but instead one-shots everything on screen. This bug allows Rogues to clear tier 200 pit runs easily. However, this bug is likely to be fixed quickly. Outside of bugs, Rogue still performs well, with Heartseeker showing strong potential and builds like Flurry and Penetrating Shot leading the class.

Best Rogue Builds in Season 5

Flurry Rogue:  The Flurry Rogue build leverages a bug in the "Exploit Weakness" Paragon node to one-shot all enemies on the screen when hitting 50 stacks. This build uses Flurry for rapid stack accumulation, making it extremely powerful for high-level content. Even without the bug, it remains a top-performing build due to its fast attacks and high damage output.

Penetrating Shot Rogue: Focusing on high single-target damage, the Penetrating Shot Rogue excels in piercing through multiple enemies. This build remains strong on the PTR, with recent changes bolstering its effectiveness. It’s ideal for scenarios requiring precise, high-damage shots that can take down key targets efficiently.

3. Druid (A Tier)

Druid also benefits from bugged mechanics in the current PTR, specifically with infinite poison buildup through Poison Creeper and boosted Companions. This allows Druids to achieve quadrillions of damage in the right conditions. Without the bug, Druid remains strong. Landslide Druid, in particular, has received several buffs, making it more competitive and capable of dealing billions of damage. Another notable build is the Cataclysm-focused Druid with the new Bjorn Fang’s Tus Gloves, although it has numerous bugs that need addressing. Overall, Landslide Druid is probably the third-strongest build on the PTR.

Best Druid Builds in Season 5

Landslide Druid: The Landslide Druid has received significant buffs, making it one of the strongest Druid builds. It focuses on using the Landslide skill to deal massive earth-based damage, capable of billions in output. This build is praised for its high damage and satisfying gameplay, making it a favorite among players.

Cataclysm-Focused Druid: Utilizing the new Bjorn Fang’s Tusk gloves, the Cataclysm Focused Druid build aims to provide infinite resources, though it currently suffers from bugs that set resource costs to zero. Despite these issues, the build shows promise with powerful effects like Doombringer, and could become a strong choice if fixed.

4. Necromancer (B Tier)

The best Diablo 4 Season 5 Endgame Necromancer build is Bone Spirit. This build was already doing pretty well in the actual live servers but there are two new uniques and a new legendary aspect in the Season 5 PTR that take this specific build up to the next level and make it shine! This build delivers top-tier damage for all endgame challenges while maintaining good survivability and flexibility.

Best Necromancer Builds in S5:

Bone Spirit Necromancer: This build was already doing pretty well in the actual live servers but there are two new uniques and a new legendary aspect in the Season 5 PTR that take this specific build up to the next level and make it shine! This build delivers top-tier damage for all endgame challenges while maintaining good survivability and flexibility.

Minion Necromancer: Minions do much of the work for you in battles, taking pressure off while you learn mechanics. Though less direct control over damage compared to a self-buff build, overall it provides a very smooth leveling experience through balanced damage and defense as you ramp up in power.

5. Sorcerer (C Tier)

If we are counting bugs in the PTR, Sorcerer sits right at the top. There’s an interaction between the new Crown of Lucion, which functions off of resource-spending skills, and a new Axial Conduit unique item that changes the way Mana works with Chain Lightning. This combo grants the Sorcerer immense bonus damage, making it literally broken. Without the bug, Sorcerer would likely drop to fourth or last place. However, there is a promising build variant using the Shard of Vathal Sword and the Crown of Lucion that does not rely on the bugged Axial Conduit interaction. This build shows a lot of potential, particularly for the average player, though it may struggle with survivability in high-difficulty runs.

Best Sorcerer Build in S5:

Arc Flash Builds: The Arc Flash build for Sorcerer, particularly using the Shard of Vathal Sword and Crown of Lucion, is emerging as a strong contender. Unlike the bugged Axial Conduit interaction, this build focuses on chain lightning and resource management without exploiting bugs. It's noted for its potential, though it may lack some survivability in high-difficulty runs. For average player experiences, however, it remains a viable and powerful build.

Diablo 4 Season 5 Best Build Tier List

S+ Tier

  • Flay Bleed Barb

Flay Bleed Barb is the best Diablo 4 S5 build that easily clears 140 Pit levels with Half a Trillion Ruptures without bugs but now lacks Rift damage.

S Tier

  • Pen Shot Rogue

  • Andariel Rogue

  • Rapid Fire Rogue

  • Direct Bash Barb

  • Bone Spirit Necromancer

  • Landslide Druid

  • Bleed WW Barb

Pen Shot Rogue achieves 150 Pit clears, potentially due to a bugged dagger. Andariel Rogue can easily clear 140 levels, having used bugged Exploit Weakness but still maintaining strong boss damage. Rapid Fire Rogue benefits from a totem bug that enables crazy Trick Attacks. Direct Bash Barb clears 130 levels easily, with Bash damage initially reduced but compensated by new uniques. Bone Spirit Necromancer can one-shot everything and clear high 140 levels with crazy synergy from new uniques. Landslide Druid, with a 133 live + 12 Tier Buff DPS, hits for billions. Bleed WW Barb is the Speed King but struggles against high-level bosses, with an assumed fix for Lucion's bug.

A Tier

  • Victimize Heartseeker Rogue

  • Pulverize Druid

  • Wind Shear Druid

  • Bleed Bash Barb

  • Thorns Barb

  • Fire Bolt Shatter Sorc

  • Shadow Minion Necromancer

Victimize Heartseeker Rogue remains strong. Pulverize Druid receives huge buffs, enhancing its effectiveness. Wind Shear Druid is still great with new uniques. Bleed Bash Barb feels weak, with some new multipliers not working. Thorns Barb is heavily nerfed. Fire Bolt Shatter Sorc, no longer immortal, remains strong with Shatter. Shadow Minion Necromancer is effective in easy 110 clears despite a 70% nerf to Blight and Commander, potentially placing it in B-Tier on this D4 Season 5.

B Tier

  • Deathblow Barb

  • HotA Barb

  • Dust Devil Double Swing Barb

  • Bone Spear Necro

  • Wolf Companion Druid

  • Cataclysm Druid

  • Werenado Druid

  • Hurricane Druid

  • Splintering Light Sorc

  • Andariel Sorc

  • Blizzard Sorc

  • Frozen Orb Sorc

  • Ball Sorc

  • Lazymancer

  • Twisting Blade Rogue

Deathblow Barb has good speed in Pit runs and boss killing, with great boss damage but slower runs. HotA Barb benefits from Weapon Master buffs and synergizes well with Lucion. Dust Devil Double Swing Barb performs well but doesn't stand out. Bone Spear Necro has significant synergy with new uniques. Wolf Companion Druid can clear 120 Pit levels. Cataclysm Druid, Werenado Druid, and Hurricane Druid are all solid performers. Splintering Light Sorc, with a reworked aspect, excels in speedruns. Andariel Sorc, Blizzard Sorc, and Frozen Orb Sorc are good performers. Ball Sorc has potential with a Vyr bug fix. Lazymancer reaches Wither's cap while Twisting Blade Rogue is buffed but not crazy strong.

C Tier

  • Chain L Sorc

  • Luging Strike Barb

  • Frenzy Barb

  • Leapquake Kick Barb

  • Meteor Sorc

  • Nova Ice Shard Sorc

  • Blood Lance

  • Boulder Druid

  • Lightning Storm Druid

  • Fireball Sorc

  • Arc Lash Sorc

  • Incinerate Sorc

  • Charge

  • Rend

  • Upheaval Barb

Chain L Sorc is only good with infinite damage bugs, needing help, and expecting buffs (+10 tiers). Lunging Strike Barb and Frenzy Barb assume nerfs to basic multipliers in Season 5. Leapquake Kick Barb, Meteor Sorc, Nova Ice Shard Sorc, Blood Lance, Boulder Druid, Lightning Storm Druid, Fireball Sorc, Arc Lash Sorc, Incinerate Sorc, Charge, Rend, and Upheaval Barb are all underperforming and require buffs or fixes to become viable.

F Tier

  • Pure Whirlwind Barb

  • Call of the Ancients Barb

Pure Whirlwind Barb and Call of the Ancients Barb are the least effective Diablo 4 Season 5 builds, struggling significantly in all aspects of the game.

The classes in Diablo 4 Season 5 are showing a lot of promise, and even those ranked lower are stronger than in previous seasons. Our D4 Season 5 tier list is based on the current state of the PTR and is subject to change with the live season. Each class offers unique gameplay elements and potential, making Diablo 4's Season 5 a highly anticipated update.