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ACNH Fishing Guide 2024: Fish List, Locations, How To Get Rode & Catch Fish

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7/3/2024 5:53:15 PM

On July 8th, a new Fishing Tourney event will be held in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The event will be hosted by CJ in the plaza. CJ will set a time limit for players, and within the limited time, players need to catch a specified number of fish. During the event, players can participate alone or with friends. Other villagers will also join in, wearing little fishing hats and fishing by the sea. After participating in the event, CJ will give different levels of prizes based on the number of fish caught by the players.

ACNH July Fish List

In the northern hemisphere, there are 58 fish species that can be caught in July. 5 of these are new to July:

  • Sweetfish

  • Napoleonfish

  • Puffer fish

  • Blue marlin

  • Ocean sunfish

One fish will leave after July:

  • Tadpole

Different ACNH Rode Types & How To Get

Fishing Rod TypeAcquisition MethodFeaturesUsage
Flimsy Fishing RodDIY at workbench (requires 5 tree branches)Basic rod with low durabilitySuitable for beginners, easy to craft
Fishing RodDIY at workbench (requires 1 Flimsy Fishing Rod and 1 iron nugget)More durable than Flimsy Fishing RodStandard rod for regular use
Colorful Fishing RodPurchase at Nook's Cranny or DIYBright appearance, same function as regular rodDecorative option, no functional difference
Golden Fishing RodDIY after catching all fish (requires 1 regular Fishing Rod and 1 gold nugget)Highest durability in the gameBest for advanced players and collectors
Special Event Fishing RodsObtained through specific events or seasonal activitiesUnique design, similar function to regular rodCollectible items, show participation in events

How to Use the Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Casting Technique

  • Target Area: Fish will only bite the hook directly in front of them. The effective range is about a thirty-degree angle to the left and right, extending from half a tile in front of their head to one and a half tiles away. The best position is directly in front of the fish.

  • Optimal Casting: Aim to cast the bait so that it lands in the fish's line of sight without scaring other fish away.

Casting Position

  • Bait Placement: Place the bait where the fish can see it. This requires some precision to ensure that the bait lands within the fish's field of vision.

  • Avoiding Disturbance: Be careful not to scare other fish when casting your line. This means approaching slowly and casting gently to avoid causing a disturbance in the water.

ANCH Fishing Tips & Tricks

Casting Timing

Spot the Fish Shadow: Only cast your line when you see a fish shadow in the water. Avoid blindly casting into the water and waiting.

Reeling Timing

Reel In When the Bobber Sinks: Press the A button to reel in your line as soon as the bobber fully sinks underwater, indicating that the fish has bitten.

Consecutive Fishing Technique

Catch 100 Fish in a Row: Successfully catching 100 fish consecutively without missing will earn you Nook Miles rewards.

Prepare Multiple Fishing Rods

Anticipate Wear and Tear: Fishing rods can wear out and break over time, so always carry multiple rods to ensure you can keep fishing without interruption.

Fish Locations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

RiversParts of the river that wind through the island
CliffsNear waterfalls on higher ground
PondsLandlocked bodies of water not connected to rivers
OceanWaters surrounding the small islands
PiersAt the dock/pier area
River MouthsWhere rivers meet the ocean

Fish Shadows in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Pay attention to the size changes of the fish shadow, which can preliminarily determine the type of fish and is very beneficial for finding the target fish

-Tiny shadows correspond to small fish species

-Small shadows correspond to small and medium-sized fish

-Medium shadow corresponds to medium-sized fish

-Medium to large shadows correspond to large fish species

-Big Shadow Corresponding to Super Large Fish

  • Giant shadows: eel, seahorse, etc

  • Very large shadow: tuna, etc

  • Big shadows: turtles, eels, etc

  • Middle and large shadows: brocade fish, bass, etc

  • Medium Shadow: Qingkou Fish, Carp, etc

  • Small and medium-sized shadows: forked fish, etc

  • Little Shadow: Silver Fish, Koi Carp, etc

  • Tiny shadows: crucian carp, young koi carp, etc


How to Create a Fish Pond on Your Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Choose a flat ground area near a slope or riverbank to build your pond. Surround the area with fencing material like bamboo fences to create the borders.

Within the pond, add elements for fish to hide and spawn like placing nets, buckets, and decorating the edges with brick or stone patterns. Planting aquatic plants like water spinach helps improve the visual environment for fish and adds nutrients to their habitat.

Make sure to feed the fish daily by dropping in fish food or plants. This will help sustain continuous fish growth over time. Regularly clean out algae and debris from the water to maintain clean conditions. You can also add decorative stones to naturally balance the pH levels.

Customize your pond further by choosing different colors and varieties of fish species to release. This will make your pond come alive with activity and color. Not only will your pet fish provide daily fishing and earning potential, visitors can also admire the aquatic display.

With a thoughtful design and daily care, your very own tranquil koi pond oasis is a welcoming addition to any island that both you and your residents will enjoy. Feel free to experiment with different pond styles and layouts.