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Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 6 TOP 3 Endgame Farming Builds - Best 3 Builds in D2R Season 6

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7/3/2024 2:08:16 PM

In today's guide, we will compare the three most popular high-end Farm builds in season 6. 

TOP 1 Endgame Farming Build: Nova Sorceress

The Nova sorceress shines with her High teleport speed, her damage is also definitely strong enough, it's best to Port directly into the masses which can be a risk, the energy Shield build also has problems with certain monster types such as blood mana cursing witches.

Equipments for Nova Sorceress Build

Diadem: Griffon's Eye

Scythe: Infinity

Dusk Shroud: Ormus' Robes

Shields: Monarch (Spirit)

Heavy Belt: Goldwrap

Ring: The Stone of Jordan, Nagelring

Spiderweb Sash: Arachnid Mesh

Light Gauntlets: Magefist

Chain Gloves: Chance Guards

Attributes: 156 Strength, 74 Dexterity, 99 Vitality, 474 Energy

Best Upgrade Route for Nova Sorceress Build

1. Collect basic equipment such as Nightwing shoulder ornaments, thunder crossbows, spirit swords, etc.

2. Improve the ability to clear the normal map.

3. Get a Trang-Oul equipment damage bonus.

4. Put on Shako's helmet and Mara's gloves to increase the protection level.

5. Wear tactical foot armor or Sean boots to increase movement speed.

6. Get an Angrasin Greatsword to increase high damage.

7. Ultimate equipment Griffin Dragon Fang/Killing Glasses.


TOP 2 Endgame Farming Build: Mosaic Assassin

The Assassin has an enormous damage output even with the magic find items, and she can also do Uber Tristram in a rush, however, she has one drawback that shouldn't be underestimated, before you can get it going, you have to charge up the various attacks, and to avoid having to do this again and again, you end up rushing from Monster group to monster group that makes a very hectic play style there is hardly any time to look at your loot in. For cheap d2r items, visit gamebuygold.com.

Equipments for Mosaic Assassin Build

Diadem: Griffon's Eye

Runic Talons: Mosaic

Shako: Harlequin Crest

Monarch: Phoenix

Archon Plate: Enigma

Amulet: Spirit Spiral

Battle Boots: War Traveler

Ring: Raven Frost, Eagle Eye

Grand Charm: Gheed's Fortune

Spiderweb Sash: Arachnid Mesh

Ring: Nagelring

Chain Gloves: Change Guards

Attributes: 185 Strength, 115 Dexterity, 465 Vitality, 65 Energy

Best Upgrade Route for Mosaic Assassin Build

1. First collect the basic equipment Skeleton Gloves and Spirit Equipment.

2. Learn the Frozen Claws skill to freeze the enemy.

3. Put on the Glare Gloves/Trang-Oul Gloves to increase damage.

4. Put on the Shako Helmet to increase the chance of assassination.

5. Put on the Eagle Beard to increase the success rate of assassination.

6. The Tiger Shield enhances survivability.

7. The End of the Road Dagger is the strongest weapon.


TOP 3 Endgame Farming Build: Javazon Amazon

She even works from a safe distance, however, her farming flow is interrupted from time to time, because you will have to refill your weapon, you could put the second pair of javins, in the cube for switching but this costs rune that you might need for Loot, it will only delay the problem not solve it, the Javazon has a slow teleport speed in compare and for longer distances she needs Mana potions or Monsters to kill in between.

Equipments for Javazon Amazon Build

Diadem: Griffon's Eye

Archon Plate: Enigma

Amulet: Pain Chain

Monarch: Phoenix

Battle Boots: War Traveler

Ring: Raven Frost

Spiderweb Sash: Arachnid Mesh

Ring: Eagle Eye

Chain Gloves: Chance Guards

Grand Charm: Gheed's Fortune

Attributes: 227 Strength, 153 Dexterity, 392 Vitality, 55 Energy

Best Upgrade Route for Javazon Amazon Build

1. First collect the basic equipment: darts/wands/shields, shoulder armor, rings, etc. Open the lightning skill line.

2. Put on the Merlo Shield or Leiwu Shield to greatly increase lightning damage.

3. Get the Death Wand to increase single damage.

4. Wear a helmet that can improve the lightning effect, such as Shako.

5. Put on auxiliary equipment that can increase throwing speed and survivability.

6. Get a higher level lightning wand.

7. Put on gloves that can increase lightning damage, such as the Thunder Flame Hand.

8. Put on the Fierce Axe to increase physical resistance.

9. Get the Thunder Spear to greatly increase lightning damage.

10. Get the Aether Amulet, which is Lei Feng's strongest Endgame equipment.

11. Improve the skill to level 20, add the Lightning Secret to appropriately improve survivability.

12. Add high-level gems with special kills.

13. Get the perfect equipment to the strongest version, such as the 3 Angel Amulet.


How to Choose the Best D2R Season 6 Endgame Farming Build

It's hard to say which of these builds is the best, because they all have different advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Nova Sorceress Build: the Nova sorceress is extremely fast and convenient, it has high mobility and high QOL, but it has low range and MF costs performance.

  2. Mosaic Assassin Build: The Assassin has an enormous damage output even with MF gear and she can do any task in the game fast and easy, but the play style is also a bit stressful. It needs to charge up.

  3. Javazon Amazon Build: It has massive area damage and high range, but it has low mobility and refill weapons.