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Elden Ring is a popular RPG game that introduces a large-scale expansion/DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree. The DLC expands the RPG elements with new weapons, equipment, magic, enemies, and boss fights. Runes are the in-game currency used to level up characters and strengthen weapons/spells in Elden Ring and DLC. If you want to buy Elden Ring runes, GAMEBUYGOLD is an online shop that offers Elden Ring runes for sale.

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What Are Elden Ring Runes & Why Farm?

Runes are Elden Ring's in-game currency that players use to level up their character by increasing attributes like vigor, endurance, etc. Runes are also used to purchase items from merchants to upgrade weapons, armor, spells, etc. Every enemy defeated drops a number of runes that are collected automatically. Players lose all runes if they die without recovering their bloodstain. 

Runes are essential for progressing your character's strength. They need to be continually earned to level up. Additional runes are required to buy new equipment and crafting materials from merchants. Farming safe areas is a good way to earn stockpiles of runes without risking loss on difficult enemies.

Best Rune Farming Methods In Elden Ring

Mohgwyn Palace Albinauric Farming: By far the best spot. Each Albinauric drops 4,700 runes and can be one-shot with the Sacred Relic Sword. Can get millions of runes per hour. 

Haligtree Backstab Farm: stealthily backstab sleeping elite enemies for 2,000-3,000 runes each. Very quick and safe farming. 

Bestial Sanctuary Vulgar Militia: Kill the easy militia enemies one at a time for 1,023 runes each. Consistent and you stay active. 

Windmill Village Celebrants: Use AOE attacks to kill multiple celebrants (800-1,000 runes each) before they notice you. 

Minor Erdtree Avatar in Altus: Solo kill grants 38,000 runes. Even solo killing the clones offers good runes. 

Greyoll Dragon Placidusax Ruins: Lure her to destroy his armies for easy 5,600 runes per soldier killed. 

Quit-out Macro Farming: Set up macros to quickly kill and quit against sleeping Albinaurics. Maximize hourly rune gains.

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