This guide for the Secret of the Spring Side Quest in the Fractured Peaks zone of Diablo IV includes information on where to obtain the quest, its objectives, maps, strategies, and tips, as well as, where applicable, details regarding pre-requisites and follow-up quests. All of this information can be found in one convenient location.
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As a reward for completing side quests, you will receive increasing amounts of gold and experience, as well as an additional 20 points of renown for the area. It is in your best interest to accept and complete as many of the available Side Quests in a given zone as you possibly can because some of them offer unique caches of valuable crafting materials or gear rewards. It is in your best interest to accept and complete as many of the available Side Quests in a given zone as you possibly can.

Please refer to our guide for a comprehensive overview of all of the optional quests that are currently available in Fractured Peaks:

Fractured Peaks-Related Side Quests and Other AdventuresA FEW QUICK FACTS ABOUT DIABLO IV IN CONNECTION WITH THE SECRET OF THE SPRINGThe Mystery Behind the Season of SpringA crumpled up piece of paper bearing a coded message is fastened to it.

It is located in the region to the north of Kyovashad, specifically in the Frigid Expanse and the Fractured Peaks.

Quest Start: Discarded Note

When you open the Buried Chest, the quest will be considered complete and you will receive your reward.

At a minimum, Level 1 is the level that's recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None


– What Lies Beneath Our Expectations for the Season of Spring

– A crumpled note with a cryptic message can be found just to the north of Kyovashad, in the general vicinity of the Forsaken Quarry dungeon

– If you want to reach this quest item as quickly as possible, you should exit Kyovashad through the eastern gate, take an immediate left after the bridge, and then continue traveling straight north, as depicted on the map below

– This will be the quickest route

– This is the most straightforward route to get there

The Secret of the Spring Walkthrough explains that the red star can be used to locate an Altar of Lilith, which is an excellent addition to the path. Engage in Conversation with the Note That Was Cast Aside (Step 1)You will find a note that has been crumpled up and laying on the ground nearby. You can read by using the device in various ways. You are going to get the following message, which is intentionally very cryptic:Beacon of warmth in the embrace of winter, patience rewarded by grace bestowed by nature itself. Beacon of warmth in the embrace of winter. Figure out how the puzzle with the notes can be solved. The note itself does not give you a lot of information to go on, so you will need to rely on other sources. On the other hand, if you look closely at your map, you'll see that there is a region that is circled in light blue to the northeast:

Once you have arrived at your destination, you will proceed through the area known as the Trough of Orobas, where you will see a small pool carved into the rock. A cursory examination reveals that there is nothing special or noteworthy about it; there is nothing that sets it apart. It is nothing more than a large puddle, and the area around it consists of nothing but empty space.

This is yet another Action Wheel or Emote quest, and while it is comparable to the Traveler's Prayer and Raising Spirits quests, there is a significant difference between the three of them. After you had finished those two quests, the required emote would automatically appear on one of the game's default wheels. When you play Secret of the Spring, you will not receive the Wait emote, which is required for the portion of the puzzle that recognizes and rewards players for their ability to exercise patience. Simply press the E button to bring up either your Action Wheel or your Emotes. You can personalize the wheel by clicking the button that is located directly below it. Have a look at the tab that's labeled 'Emotes'. Wait will give the impression of having the status "Not Assigned" as the default setting. Choose Wait, and then click and drag the circle down until it fits into one of the open spots on your wheel (you can select a different wheel by using the scroll button on your mouse). Once it is properly positioned, release the mouse button. It's as easy as clicking on the empty space to give it the assignment.

You can also replace it by dragging it over an emote that you aren't currently using and dropping it there. This is another option. You can exit the Customize interface by selecting it, making changes, and then selecting the Save Changes button. To unlock the wheel, repeatedly press the E button. While you are still standing next to the spring, you will need to click the Wait button that has been presented to you. This video will guide you through the steps involved in using the Action Wheel in its entirety, including the following:

Step 3: Open the Chest That Was BuriedAfter you have demonstrated the required level of patience and completed the portion of the quest that requires it, a Buried Chest will materialize nearby for you to open. In order to complete the quest and receive your rewards, you are going to need to crack open the chest.

The Enigma That Lies Beneath the Year-Round Advantages+Players who decipher the Secret of the Spring are rewarded with 20 Fractured Peaks for their efforts. Renown, gold, and experience that is proportional to the level, as well as a small assortment of Herbs are included in this package.


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