The year 2022 was significant because it was the first time that Lost Ark, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), was officially made available to the general public. Because there is such a large variety of different card sets and builds available in Lost Ark, players have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to the strategies and tactics they employ in the game. This is due to the fact that the game gives them the opportunity to construct their own decks. The DeathBlade build, the Gunlancer build, and the Paladin build are a few examples of the various possible configurations that can be selected from among these options.

Players need to make sure that their ships are staffed by people who have the highest levels of expertise that they are able to locate in order to have any chance of successfully navigating the world that the game Lost Ark takes place in. Within the parameters of this specific scenario, players have the option of selecting The Estoque as their path of action. However, this Lost Ark's best Estoque crew piece includes the best possible mix of sailors who would provide The Estoque with the fewest possible drawbacks while also providing the greatest number of benefits. These sailors would make it possible for The Estoque to have the fewest possible drawbacks while also providing the greatest number of benefits. Because of these sailors, The Estoque would be able to have the fewest possible drawbacks while also providing the greatest number of benefits to its passengers. These mariners would be able to provide The Estoque with the optimal combination of advantages, which would work to The Estoque's advantage. It is the Cals version that is known as the Legendary version, and he is that version.

Cals Moronto, who is also the eldest son of the Moronto family and the current holder of that title, is known as the Lord of Wavestrand Port. He also holds that title. When the protagonist has finished catching up with the other characters, he will stop by Cals to pick up some supplies. The narrative will proceed with the next part after that.

If the Legendary Cals are utilized in the appropriate manner, there is a good chance that the Estoque will come out ahead as a result in a variety of different ways. In comparison to before, a speed increase of 75 knots was observed. Using Cals does have a number of benefits, but the most important one is that it makes one more resistant to the disruptive forces posed by the Tempest Seas. The player's ship will have increased defenses as a direct result of this change, and the player will have greater freedom to navigate the ocean as a result of this change as well. It is one of the most helpful things you can do in Lost Ark, and as a result, doing so is something that is strongly suggested to you. You should prioritize getting this crew member for the Estoque as one of the first things you work on doing because it is one of the most important things you can do. With the completion of this transaction, the purchase will be completed.3 knots. In addition to that, he provides a sizeable boost to the players' vessels' resistance to the Storm Seas, in addition to providing some improvement to the players' defenses against the Siren Seas and the Cold Snap Seas.

This is all in addition to providing some improvement to the players' defenses against the Cold Snap Seas and the Siren Seas. This is on top of the fact that the players' defenses against the Cold Snap Seas and the Siren Seas will also receive some improvement as a result of all of this. When it comes to immunity, Cals (Epic) is incredibly close to being completely immune to all of its effects. This is especially true in terms of immunity to poison. His defenses take a -7 hit when they encounter the Kelp Beds terrain type, but only a -4 hit when they encounter the Sandstorm Seas terrain type. His resistance has a value of minus four in this situation. Neither of these effects is nearly as effective as they could be when used against him, but that is not surprising. At the end of the day, the total for the Siren Seas comes out to be three, while the total for the Tempest Seas is eight.

As long as Pupuring is around to stir things up and keep things interesting, there will never be a dull moment. Boredom will never be an issue. It is for this reason that we have requested his presence that we have asked him to come on board in the hopes that he will revive the worn-out members of the crew. While sailing, this sailor will experience a one percent increase in the maximum speed they are capable of.

In order to purchase the Purpuring (Relic) item from the Mist Island Merchant, a player must first hand over one Tear of the Abyss to them. This is necessary in order to complete the transaction and buy the item. On the other hand, this item confers a bonus of +17 to the Dead Wates whenever it is equipped. With this one exception, he is immune to the effects of the Siren Seas, the Sandstorm Seas, and the Tempest Seas.

When a player successfully completes an epic purification of their ship, the ship's defenses against both the Dead Waters and the Tempest Seas are significantly strengthened as a result. Because of this, the player is afforded the ability to navigate both types of perilous waters with a greater degree of ease and safety. In order to purchase an Epic Pupuring from the Luterra Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship, you will need to have a total of 2004 Gienah pieces in your inventory. You must already be in possession of the item in order to fulfill this requirement. There is no other way. On the other hand, its resistance is cut in half when it is in the Kelp Beds. In addition to this, it imposes a penalty of -5 points upon the Siren Seas, a bonus of +6 points upon the Tempest Seas, and bestows a bonus of +11 points upon the Dead Wates.

The female passenger who was tossed about by the storm while she was on board the Estoque was given the name Tasha, but she was also known as Rare. Rare was her other name.

The fact that she had seen her father being carried away by the waves served as the impetus for her to set out on a journey with the Estoque in the hopes of finding her father and bringing him back to her

– She maintained her optimism that they would be able to find him

– Through every step of this journey, she was accompanied by the Estoque, who served as a travel companion

– She maintains a positive outlook at all times and offers commentary that is both insightful and insightful at all times

– One knot is added to the vessel's maximum possible sailing speed as a result of having this equipment

Either Atropos Laura or Yulia, a trader on Slime Island, will sell you the Rare version of Tasha for 6,000 Slime Coins. You can get her from either of these individuals. These two people are both present on Slime Island at the moment. The most efficient method of protection against the numerous kinds of water is represented by this Estoque sailor. A bonus of +5 is awarded to the region that is located around the Sandstorm Seas, a bonus of +5 is awarded to the region that is located around the Cold Snap Seas, and a bonus of +5 is awarded to the region that is located around the Tempest Seas.


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