Located in the Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Roost is a cozy café with Brewster that can be found as part of the Museum after the game was updated to Version 2.0! This guide will cover everything from what you can do at the café to how to unlock The Roost in your museum's library.


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, when you upgrade to Version 2.0, the Roost does not automatically become available for use in the Museum; instead, you must complete a mini-quest for Blathers in order to unlock it for your island and make use of it! Go to The Museum and look for Blathers; he will be in the middle of a 'thinking' cycle at the time. This will start the unlocking quest process. If at all possible, make a larger donation.

If you are not participating in the International Museum Day event, you can still play the game on your own, without the presence of other players or visitors.

Taking a boat tour from Kapp'n and visiting one of Brewster's mystery islands is required in order to complete Blathers' quest to track down Brewster and bring him to justice. Before you can embark on a boat tour with Kapp'n, you must first locate Kapp'n, the green kapaa, at your island's Pier, which can be found in either the bottom left or right corner of the island, depending on its design.

As soon as you have spent 1,000 Nook Miles with Kapp'n, he will take you on an exclusive boat tour to a mysterious island. Afterwards, search the island until you come across Brewster the pigeon, who is dressed for adventure.

Once you've tracked down Brewster, you can speak with him to receive a brief piece of dialogue as well as a special Gyroid Fragment as a thank you for your efforts. On the following day, plant this fragment on your home island and water it, and you'll find yourself in possession of a Gyroid. If you take the time to look around on Brewster's island, you might find some additional Gyroid Fragments worth collecting.

Creating a Residence for Yourself

After returning to your island and informing Blathers of your new discoveries, you should return to the Museum and inform him of your new discoveries as well. Immediately following a brief conversation, Blathers will announce his intention to build The Roost café on the property.

It is expected that your island's Museum will be closed on the following in-game day, with The Roost reopening on the following in-game day. In order to take advantage of the new facility, you will have to wait a total of two days after you have received notification. Players who are impatient can, of course, use time travel to get ahead of the game.

Among the things you can do while staying at the roost are:

It is possible to gain access to the quaint cafe after The Roost has been constructed in your island's Museum by ascending the building's left-side stairs to the second floor and entering the room to your left of The Brewster's sign on the second floor.

– You can stop by the bar and have a quick chat with Brewster while enjoying a cup of coffee for 200 Bells per person while you're inside The Roost

– Keep in mind not to leave ACNH Mermaid Items Designs out in the cold — he absolutely despises


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