This guide for the Secret of the Spring Side Quest in the Fractured Peaks zone of Diablo IV includes information on where to obtain the quest, its objectives, maps, strategies, and tips, as well as, where applicable, details regarding pre-requisites and follow-up quests.
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Gaining +20 renown for a zone, as well as increasing amounts of gold and experience, is a benefit of completing side quests. It is in your best interest to accept and finish as many of the available Side Quests in a given zone as you possibly can because some of them offer special caches of valuable crafting materials or gear rewards.

Please refer to our guide for an exhaustive rundown of all the optional quests available in Fractured Peaks:

Side Quests Related to Fractured PeaksDIABLO IV QUICK FACTS RELATING TO THE SECRET OF THE SPRINGThe Hidden Meaning of SpringA crumpled note with a secret message is attached to it.

North of Kyovashad, the Frigid Expanse, and the Fractured Peaks are the locations that you can find it.

Quest Start: Discarded Note

You have successfully finished the quest when you open the Buried Chest.

The recommended level is at least Level 1.

Prerequisite(s): None


1. The Mystery Behind the Goals for the SpringYou can find a crumpled note with a mysterious message just to the north of Kyovashad, close to the Forsaken Quarry dungeon

2.  The quickest route to this quest item is to leave Kyovashad through the eastern gate, make an immediate left after the bridge, and continue traveling straight north, as shown on the map below

3.  This is the easiest way to get there

Secret of the Spring Walkthrough reveals that the red star marks the location of an Altar of Lilith, which is a welcome addition along the way. Interact with the Note That Was Thrown Away (Step 1)On the ground, you will find a note that has been crumpled up. Read by interacting with the device. You will receive the following message, which is very cryptic:Beacon of warmth in the embrace of winter, patience rewarded by grace bestowed by nature itself. Step 2: Work out the solution to the notes puzzle. The note itself does not provide very much information for you to go on. On the other hand, if you examine your map, you will notice that there is a region marked with a light blue circle to the northeast:

After arriving at your destination, you will enter the Trough of Orobas area, where you will see a small pool carved into the rock. A quick inspection reveals that there is nothing unique or noteworthy about it. It is nothing more than a large puddle with nothing in the surrounding area.

This is another Action Wheel or Emote quest similar to "Raising Spirits" or "Traveler's Prayer," but there is a key distinction between the three. When you completed those two quests, the necessary emote was already on one of the game's default wheels. The emote that you require for the part of the puzzle that rewards you for your patience — Wait — is not given to you when you play Secret of the Spring. To access your Action Wheel or Emotes, press the E button. To customize the wheel, click the button located below it. Check out the tab labeled Emotes. Wait will appear to have the status of Not Assigned by default. Choose Wait, and then click and drag the circle down until it fits into one of the open spots on your wheel (you can choose a different wheel by using the scroll button on your mouse). Simply assign it by clicking on the blank space. You can also replace it by dragging it over an emote that you don't use and dropping it there. Simply clicking the Save Changes button will bring you out of the Customize interface. Repeat pressing E to unlock the wheel.

Click the Wait button that you have been given while you are still standing next to the spring. This video walks you through the complete procedure for utilizing the Action Wheel, including:

Step 3: Open the Buried Chest When you have successfully completed the part of the quest that requires patience, a Buried Chest will appear nearby for you to open. You must crack open the chest in order to finish the quest and claim your rewards.

The Mystery Behind the Seasonal Benefits+20 Fractured Peaks are awarded to players who decipher the Secret of the Spring. Renown, gold, and experience that is proportional to the level, along with a modest assortment of Herbs.


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