The Challenging Shout ability allows you to harass nearby enemies while also providing a temporary reduction in the amount of damage you take of up to 40 percent for the next eight seconds. This reduction in damage taken lasts for the entire duration of the ability. You will receive an additional three Fury from the tactical version of this ability whenever you take damage while Challenging Shout is active. This will keep happening until the Challenging Shout ability is turned off. This bonus is acquired in addition to the standard amount of fury that is obtained during gameplay. This ability inflicts damage on the surrounding environment, specifically the ground below you. An Example of Stomping the Ground as a Strategic Move:Your ability, Ground Stomp, deals additional damage to enemies, and each time this happens, the amount of time it takes for your Ultimate Skill to become active again is decreased by one second. The ability known as Ground Stomp has a chance to grant its user an additional 25 fury whenever it is utilized in a strategic manner. By making use of the ability Imposing Presence, you have the potential to increase the amount of maximum life you have by an additional five percent.

In order to gain access to the passive ability known as Iron Skin in Diablo 4, you must first undergo the process of forging yourself

1.  As soon as it is unlocked, it will prevent you from losing an additional fifty percent of your life over the course of the following five seconds

2.  The strategic application of Iron Skin not only results in an increase of nine percent more base life, but it also serves as a form of fortification

3.  This effect can be seen in both combat and non-combat situations

4.  If you use this ability while your health bar is at less than half capacity, the amount of health you recover will be multiplied by a factor of one hundred

5.  Iron Skin is a tactical ability that, while it is active, grants you the ability to heal for an amount that is equal to 10% of the Barriers base amount as Life per second

6.  This ability allows you to heal for a total amount that is equal to 100% of the Barriers base amount when it is inactive

7.  When the Barriers passive ability is not active, this ability grants you the ability to heal for a total amount that is equal to 100 percent of the Barriers base amount

You will also receive an additional 2 Thorns for every 2 Maximum Life bonus that you already possess at this time. This bonus will stack up to a maximum of 10 Thorns. This damage will be dealt gradually over the course of the hit's entire duration, starting as soon as it is taken. During the next three seconds, any allies that are in close proximity to you will also receive the benefits of this ability. For this to take place, you need to be in relatively close quarters with them.

Because of this upgrade, Rallying Cry will now also bestow the Unstoppable trait upon you while it is active. This trait will remain active for as long as Rallying Cry remains active. This ability will remain active for as long as Rallying Cry is used to rally the troops. When you take or deal direct damage while Rallying Cry is active, you will receive an additional 2% of your Base Life back as a bonus from Fortify. This bonus is applied regardless of whether the damage was dealt to you or received by you. Only while Rallying Cry is active will you be able to take advantage of this bonus. You have the potential to increase your base life by as much as one hundred percent by stacking this bonus.(Characters who have fortification are less likely to take damage overall, and the amount of damage that they take is reduced by 10%. You will receive an additional 25 Fury and the rate at which you generate resources will increase by an additional 25% as a direct result of using Rallying Cry. In addition, the rate at which you generate resources will speed up. The ability known as "Rallying Cry" can be used in a variety of different strategic contexts.(3 levels)

Because of your Battle Fervor, you will gain one second of Berserking whenever one of your Brawling Skills deals damage to at least one of your other opponents. This benefit will continue for as long as you continue to use Brawling Skills. Only one instance of this effect will occur for each Brawling Skill that deals damage. Because you are making use of Booming Voice, the effects that are generated by your Shout Skill will continue to have an impact for an additional 10% of the time that they would have had otherwise. In addition, if you are the Raid Leader, each time you shout, your allies will receive a healing effect that is equivalent to 1% of their maximum life. This effect will only take place if you are the Raid Leader. If you are the Raid Leader, then only you will experience the effects of this ability. Charge has the additional benefit of making the user untargetable, so it's a win-win.

In the event that an opponent is knocked back into the environment by this attack, they will take additional damage and be stunned for a period of three seconds. If you have the Mighty Charge talent, then whenever you charge an opponent, not only do you deal damage to them, but after that damage has been dealt, you also render them defenseless for two seconds. This effect lasts until the end of the charge. When Power Charge is active, it will cut by three seconds the amount of time it takes for Charge to go into cooldown whenever it forces an opponent into the terrain. This effect will only take effect while Charge is active. When you kick your opponents in the face with such force, they will be sent flying backwards, but you will take some damage as a result.

Strengthened KickYou will have the upper hand in the fight if you use your kick to deal damage to an opponent because it will leave them defenseless for a period of four seconds, giving you more time to recover from the damage. Mighty Kick causes enemies that have been kicked to deal damage to enemies that they collide with while being knocked back as a result of the kick. This damage is passed on to the enemies that the kicked enemies collide with. This damage is transferred to any adversaries that the kicked enemies come into contact with. If an opponent takes damage in this manner, they will become immobile for a period of two seconds and be unable to take any actions. This effect will remain active until the timer is no longer active. Do not kick any longerKnocks Back enemies. Leap: Leap forward and then slam down on the ground to deal damage and knock back enemies that are surrounding you on impact. This attack can only be used once every three seconds. Once every three seconds, you are only allowed to use this attack once. You are only allowed to use this attack once every two seconds, and only once per cycle.

You will receive an additional 40 Fury as a reward for using the ability Power Leap if it deals damage to at least one of your other opponents. This is in addition to the normal reward of 20 Fury. This effect remains in place for the duration that the ability is currently being used.

If you have Enhanced War Cry equipped, when you use War Cry, you will receive four additional seconds of the Berserking effect. This effect lasts for the entire duration of the War Cry.


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